Hi Everyone!

As you can see there are some BIG changes happening on my website! With the help of my favorite oldest daughter, Jenny, we are making things cleaner and easier to navigate. You will find there will be lots of changes being made in the next two weeks so please be patient with our process. I have a very cool new product, "The Ultimate Stencil" that will be launched the first week of December so watch for details on that as well.

I am going to be creating lots of instructional videos on different quilting techniques. I've eliminated my Gallery and will be directing everyone to my Pinterest page instead where I can constantly be updating and adding lots of new photos and inspiration.

Thank you for visiting my website... if you need to contact me you my email me at: linenqltr@comcast.net.


Cindy :)


I have two classes on Craftsy...
Design It, Quilt It: Free Form Techniques gives lots of great information on quilting techniques, easy designing techniques, basting and threads.
Very popular class with over 11,000 students!

Machine Quilting Wholecloth Quilts gives great information on designing and quilting regular wholecloth quilts as well as linen wholecloth quilts.

  This is my brand new, very exciting set of designing stencils! I can hardly wait to share these with all of you. They will literally be the last stencils you will ever need! I will be posting these on my website the first week of December and they will be available for sale then. I will have many You-Tube videos demonstrating techniques and designs. I will also be adding a page on my Pinterest site dedicated to designs created by not only myself but my students using these stencils. Watch for this!  

These are my self-published handbooks. I offer them in a couple different collections.

The newer set of quilting designs books, "Oldies but Goodies" and "New and Improved" will contain hundreds of designs based off of The Ultimate Stencil. This set sells for $50 and will be updated yearly with new designs. This set is included in The Complete Collection at no extra charge!

I have had SO many requests from students for instructional videos on my website I'm finally taking the plunge to do this for you. I will be taping a LOT of videos during December and posting them here. If there is something specific you would like PLEASE email me and request it and I would be happy to do this for you!
email: linenqltr@comcast.net
  I removed the Gallery off of my website as it contained "old" stuff. I never took the time to update it on a regular basis. I LOVE Pinterest and already have several pages set up. I will be adding photos of my work, my students' work as well as new designs using The Ultimate Stencil. Check it out regularly to see new stuff!  
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