August 1, 2016

Hi Everyone!

Welcome to my website! I have lots of great information for you here...

I want to give everyone a "heads up" that I am in the process of having a whole new website created! It will be fresh, easier to navigate, lots and lots of photos and will hopefully be a bit easier for you to find the information you are looking for. I am anticipating that it will be up and working by mid-September.

If you need to contact me you may email me at: linenqltr@comcast.net.

Hugs, Cindy


I have two classes on Craftsy...
Design It, Quilt It: Free Form Techniques gives lots of great information on quilting techniques, easy designing techniques, basting and threads.
Very popular class with over 12,000 students!

CLICK HERE to receive a 50% discount for this class!!!

Machine Quilting Wholecloth Quilts gives great information on designing and quilting regular wholecloth quilts as well as linen wholecloth quilts.

CLICK HERE to receive a 50% discount for this class!!!

Top Techniques for Big Quilts is a new class from Craftsy that features top techniques and instruction from their top five free motion quilting instructors... Leah Day, Ann Peterson, Christina Cameli, Angela Walters and myself.

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This is my brand new, one-of-a-kind set of designing stencils! They are the only stencils you will ever need. The set now sells for $35 and includes the brand new transparencies used for drafting your designs. Both the circle and the square stencils are included with this set. Click on the button to the left to be taken to the Ultimate Stencils page.

CLICK HERE to download the newly revised 13 page handout (12/28/15).

I've added a page on my Pinterest site dedicated to Ultimate Stencil. The designs were created by myself as well as my students. Click on the Pinterest button below to be taken there. I am constantly adding YouTube instructional videos on different techniques using these stencils. These are all listed towards the bottom of the Ultimate Stencil page.




I have created a fabulous 20-stencil set that allows you to create an unlimited number of background designs. Six of the stencils come in three sizes: Papa, Mama and Baby which allows you to easily fill any space. I have also included 1/2" and 3/4" grid.
Click on the button to the left to be taken to the Ultimate Backgrounds page.

CLICK HERE to download the free 32 page handbook that accompanies these stencils.




When I teach my design class I often talk about this fabulous shape that you can use to easily create hundreds of designs. I have created a 4-stencil set with this design cut into 2", 4", 6" and 8" sizes to accommodate most quilt block sizes. A 36+ page book will be sent to you upon purchase of the stencils to jump start you and inspire you to create your own designs.

CLICK HERE to download the free handout.


These are my self-published E-Books.. I offer them in three different collections.
All handbooks, once purchased, will be sent to you via email download.
No printed handbooks are sent.
I will send you the links to the books via email within 24 hours of purchase.

Click on the button to the left to be taken to the Handbooks page.


I have had SO many requests from students for instructional videos on my website I'm finally taking the plunge to do this for you. I will be taping a LOT of videos during December and posting them here. If there is something specific you would like PLEASE email me and request it and I would be happy to do this for you!
email: linenqltr@comcast.net
  I removed the Gallery off of my website as it contained "old" stuff. I never took the time to update it on a regular basis. I LOVE Pinterest and already have several pages set up. I will be adding photos of my work, my students' work, as well as new designs using The Ultimate Stencil. Check it out regularly to see new stuff!  
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